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TFWIRE Episode 89: Movie News…Yada Yada

Episode 89 Topics:

– Transformers getting released even earlier. Originally 7-4-7, now 7-2-7
– Transformers Theme Song “released” on MySpace. Performed by Mute Math
– Full Transformers Soundtrack listing revealed
– Stan Bush has a Major TF Announcement coming soon
– Slash Film is reporting that Howard Stern turned down a part in the film
– Dinobots and Constructicons in Transformers 2? According to DeSanto, it can be done
– Peter Cullen told to “keep next year open”
– Leader Prime repaint coming soon, named “Nightwatch Optimus Prime”
– Giant Fucking Robot shirts now available
– Masterpiece Starscream US bound. Confirmed by S250?
– Listener Question: 70’s what?
– Listener Question: Met any female TF fans?
– Listener Question: Automorph in the future?

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