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TFWIRE Episode 33

Episode 33 Topics:

– Possible TF Movie casting info appears on the Allspark
– TransformersCon exclusive revealed
– Transformers voice actor passes away
– Wave 3 Cybertron Minicons appearing in stores
– The Hartmans sell G2 combiners
– IDW Comics appear on the Top 60 chart
– First4Figures unveils Waspinator Bust
– TF Mobile *Discussion Topic: VERY Brief BM discussion
– Listener Question: Combiner group in Neo G1?
– Listener Question: Communication with TF actors/writers?
– Listener Question: Opinion on Energon Grimlock/Swoop?
– Listener Question: Best TF console game?
– BONUS: 80’s commercials after the show

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  1. James TDF James TDF

    Wow!! This takes me back! 😅

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